Biologic Crop Solutions

 4020 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa
Spring Hours (Mar 11-Sept 23): Mon-Sat 10-6
Year-Round: Mon-Fri 10-5
Bring Your Soil to Life with commercial-quality products that are nutrient-dense and ALIVE!  We offer organic soil, amendments, fertilizers, and microbial inoculants that go beyond organic by working with nature’s invisible workforce: trillions of beneficial bacterial & fungi, enriching your soil & feeding your plants!  From Farms to Backyards, this powerful probiotic approach, provides your soil with the beneficial microbes that plants have evolved with and that remain vital for optimal health and yield. Building healthy, living soil increases nutrient uptake and water retention, while facilitating natural pest, disease, and stress resistance. Come see for yourself how easy working with trillions of microscopic garden helpers can be with FREE COMPOST TEA every Tuesday from 10-4. Three Gallons Free and $2/Gal after. Please bring your own container and apply your alive and activated tea immediately!

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