Willowside School Nursery

5299 Hall Rd, Santa Rosa (Corner of Willowside and Hall Rd)
Entrance is on Willowside Road
707 569-4724
We have thousands of plants: a variety of low-water and drought-tolerant perennials, California Natives, a multitude of succulents, grasses,slavias, ans many beautiful plants to invite beneficial insects, butterflies, and hummingbirds. $4 for 1 gallon containers. More than 20 varieties of Japanese Maples  3-6 Ft tall at $25 & up.
Spring 2017: 
March 11, May 13, April 1, April 22, June 3, June 24
Fall 2017:, Aug 19, Sept 9, Sept 30, Oct 21, Nov 11We gladly accept donations of healthy plants, garden tools, working wagons, ceramic pots, recycled 1 and 5 gallon nursery containers, etc. Our Middle School Nursery is a working nursery with student involvement and is self-sustaining through plant sales. NOTE:  We are usually at the nursery on Tuesdays from  8 to 2 and welcome volunteers OR customers who cannot make it on Saturdays for informal sales. Check or exact change requested.


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