The Wonder of Cover Crops

Crimson Clover as ground cover

Crimson Clover as ground cover. Clover fixes nitrogen in the soil and is great for adding fertility to your soil.

This month’s  Valley of the Moon Garden Club (VOMGC) meeting has special guest speaker Maile Arnold.  Maile, a Vassar graduate and Ecology specialist has been an organic farmer for over 50 years; raising most of the veggies, fruit, meat, eggs, and diary which her family and friends consume.  She has been designing gardens for others using organic and sustainable techniques.

Maile will talk about cover crops, and how important they are to maintain and increase the fertility of the soil and its water holding properties.  She will go over the different types of winter cover crops and demonstrate how to incorporate the nutrients into the soil without tilling.

The meeting will be at the Sonoma Veterans’ Building, 126 First Street West, on Thursday November 1 and is open to all.  Members are free and guests pay $5.00 at the door.  A meet-and-greet time starts a 6:30, the meeting at 7:00, and complimentary refreshments and a raffle follows.

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