Fall Is For Planting!

By Cambyse Teter

Tree planting

Planting trees can be simple and very satisfying as one watches it mature and grow over the years.

For me, few things are more satisfying than planting trees and seeing them grow. I’m always amazed to see how they’ve matured. I feel a sense of pride when seeing a tree that is 10, 20 or even 40 years old and being able to say, “Hey! I planted that tree.”

Besides all the practical reasons to plant trees, for me it’s more about the simple yet elegant beauty and endless variety of trees. I’m particularly fond of large, long-lived trees whose true character is only revealed with the passage of time.

This is especially true of deciduous trees as they constantly change with the seasons; the swelling buds, flowers and bright, tender green of Spring; the lush deep, green and cool shade of Summer; the fiery colors of Fall; and finally, the dark wondrous bark and stately branches of Winter….then Spring again…hurray!

The first time I planted a tree was with my grandmother at about the age of five. One of my favorite grandma quotes was when she was asked, “What’s the best time to plant a tree?” She would always answer, “Yesterday!” It was a mocking reply but the sentiment was sound: it is never too soon to plant a tree.

Greenman Nursery, Sebastopol

Greenman Nursery, has many items, including specimen sized roses, shade and flowering trees.

As Summer draws to a close, the days get short, the nights are cooler, and rain is hopefully on its way. Combined with reduced plant growth or dormancy these make ideal conditions for installing new landscape trees and shrubs. There is less transplant shock and less water is needed to establish root systems. This is especially true for large deciduous plants or nursery plants that have rooted through containers into surrounding soil.

Come see and select these while they’re in full splendor. We will hold them for you till its time to dig – usually, late November/early December after several hard frosts.

Cabyse Teter is owner of Greenman Nursery, 2833 Old Gravenstein Hwy, Sebastopol. He is a landscape professional with decades of experience growing organic trees, fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. He can be reached at  (415) 710-2562

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