Beauty and Balance

Sonoma Renown gardener, Maile Arnold Beautiful garden

Renown gardener, Maile Arnold, designs gardens that use relatively low water and are filled with blooms most of the year, which attract a wide variety of wildlife: birds, butterflies, pollinators, and predators.

In her words: “I was asked why I have so many flowers in the garden, especially the vegetable garden. This led to intensive perusal of the flowers to learn exactly what they do for the garden aside from being lovely.  The main surprise was how many beneficial insects were attracted: not just pollinators, but different types of wasp and tachinid flies.  Gone were the rose slugs, the cutworms, the tomato hornworms, the cabbage moth caterpillars, and the pear psyllids.  The fruit that followed the flowers on some of the trees fed birds that were passing through on their journey south in the fall and continues to feed the winter dwelling birds. The winter blooming flowers keep my hummingbirds here all year long.  We will see slides of some of the trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals that help to keep the garden in balance.”

 Join the Valley of the Moon Garden Club on Thursday, February 4th to hear Maile Arnold share her successful methods for journeying into the balance of life in the garden.  The meeting takes place at Sonoma Veteran’s Memorial Hall, 126 First St. West, Sonoma, CA.  At 6:30 PM is a “Meet & Greet” followed by the “Meeting and Speaker Presentation” at 7:00 PM. Members are free. Guests pay $5 (which can be applied toward membership). The popular plant raffle and refreshments follow the meeting.


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