4 Edible Flowers for Late Summer


Written by Sue Engle, owner of Flower Song Florist in Sebastopol, CA and florist on BloomNation

As summer winds down, you might be tempted to celebrate the season with one last hurrah. Incorporating flowers into your food and drink can be a festive way to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. However, you want to make sure that all the flowers you consumer are both edible and tasty! Here are four edible and versatile flowers to use in your cooking this month:

Squash blossoms: Even if these orange-petaled, green-stemmed flowers aren’t sold in your grocery store, you’ll probably be able to find them at the farmers’ market. While the most well-known way to eat squash blossoms is stuffed and fried, don’t be afraid to branch out. You can use them raw in salads, baked as pizza toppings, or however else you’d like! There are tons of recipes that put squash blossoms front and center. If you want to plant these in your own garden, know that squash blossoms generally refer to zucchini blossoms.

Nasturtium: These pretty blossoms are a classic edible flower that appear on many salads and fresh dishes. They come in a variety of red, yellow, and orange shades that add great color to any plate. These flowers can be snipped straight from the vine and tossed into any green salad— look for them at your local farmers’ market. They’re relatively easy to grow at home as well!

Lavender: This aromatic herb doesn’t just look nice in a vase. Though many varieties of lavender are edible, it’s safest to make sure you get culinary lavender which is optimized for cooking (find this in specialty stores or online). Some recipes call for the lavender to be ground up, so make sure you have a mortar and pestle on hand. Alternatively, you can use dried stems of lavender as garnish on cocktails or other summer drinks.

Mustard flowers: You can find these delicate yellow blooms at most farmers’ markets. These plants when seeded, ground up, and mixed with other ingredients form the mustard you’d buy at your local grocery store. Raw, these flowers are relatively bitter but make a beautiful addition to any salad or green dish. If you decide you don’t want to toss them in, mustard flowers look great in a small vase or jar. Place a couple along your dinner table for a burst of color and a bohemian style!

Incorporating edible flowers into your meal can be a great way to wrap up summer and a beautiful way to take your plating game to the next level. Hopefully, these tips give you a good starting point and make your recipe searching easier.


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