Creating your own butterfly garden

by Julie West

Nine tips for a great butterfly garden.

  1. Choose a sunny location.
  2. Shelter the garden from wind with a screen of shrubs or a fence.
  3. Add rocks to absorb the sun’s heat and serve as a perch for butterflies to warm their wings.
  4. Include a small pool of water or mud puddle as a source of mineral nutrients.
  5. Choose a diversity of plants that will create a long series of bloom as a food source and plant in large clumps.
  6. Include plants that provide both nectar for the adult butterfly and leaves, flowers and seeds for the larvae to feed.
  7. DO NOT SPRAY ANY PESTICIDES in your garden.
  8. Leave a corner in your garden unpruned and unweeded for additional habitat.
  9. And keep in mind – anything you do in your garden for butterflies is also good for bees and other beneficial insects, birds & critters.
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