Rik Olson Garden Fairy

Sonoma County
Gardener’s Resource Guide

This is our Annual Guide to Gardening in Sonoma County… which includes gardening resources located from Sonoma to the Coast and from Cloverdale to Petaluma. Articles are written by landscaping professionals to educate you on gardening techniques, encouraging a healthy insect population, tree care and more.

This Resource Guide is designed to entice gardeners to explore Sonoma County’s locally-owned nurseries, and to encourage you to do business with local professionals. By purchasing plant material that has been propagated locally, we know these plants will thrive in our eco-system. By supporting local nurseries and garden related businesses, we support our home communities.

The garden and landscape businesses listed on our Resource Guide are close to your home. Nurseries, landscape professionals, landscape materials and other resources are included to make the resource guide more complete. Each listing has a link to their web site for more information if they have a site. The list includes businesses who responded to our inquiries for information, so if there is a business not on our list, we were unable to confirm their information. Please let us know of any businesses that should be added to the guide. E-mail vesta@sonic.net

Please refer to the Resource Guide for addresses and info. And just for fun: go out to explore some of the nurseries you may not know. You’ll enjoy the ride along the way and meet some wonderful people! – Vesta Copestakes

Garden Fairy: Rik Olson, Occidental artist,  has created Art for Fine Tree Care ads in the Sonoma County Gazette for many years. His art helps promote our relationship with beauty in our landscapes.

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